Martin Ovesen World Number 1031
  • POINTS AVERAGE: 0.0998
  • TOTAL POINTS: 5.19
  • DIVISOR: 52

Martin Ovesen

World Number 1031
Event Tour Week Year Finish Rank Points Weight Adj. Points Rank After
Hauts de France Golf OpenCHA242018MC-1-1031st
Swiss Challenge presented by Association Suisse de GolfCHA222018MC-1-985th
D+D REAL Czech ChallengeCHA212018T62-1-948th
Andalucia - Costa de Sol Match Play 9CHA202018T27-1-927th
56º Open de Portugal @ Morgado Golf ResortCHA192018MC-1-912nd
Challenge de EspañaCHA182018MC-1-891st
Turkish Airlines ChallengeCHA172018MC-1-876th
Belt & Road Colorful Yunnan OpenCHA,CHN152018MC-1-833rd
Barclays Kenya OpenCHA122018T58-1-807th
PGA Catalunya Resort ChampionshipNGL82018T21-0.9565-795th
Mediter Real Estate MastersNGL72018T7-0.9457-781st
Ras Al Khaimah, 2017 Golf ChallengeCHA432017MC-0.7717-701st
The Foshan OpenCHA422017T33-0.7609-683rd
Hainan OpenCHA412017T63-0.75-663rd
Challenge de EspañaCHA392017T42-0.7283-644th
Kazakhstan OpenCHA382017MC-0.7174-631st
Irish Challenge hosted by Mount Wolseley Hotel Spa and Golf ResortCHA372017T53-0.7065-620th
Cordon Golf OpenCHA352017T111.380.68480.95628th
Made In DenmarkEUR342017T64-0.6739-676th
Viking ChallengeCHA33201766-0.663-669th
Galgorm Resort & Spa Northern Ireland Open presented by Modest! GolfCHA322017T56-0.6522-662nd
Vierumäki Finnish ChallengeCHA312017MC-0.6413-650th
Swedish Challenge hosted by Robert KarlssonCHA302017T72.040.63041.29646th
Le Vaudreuil Golf ChallengeCHA292017T26-0.6196-720th
Italian Challenge Open by LyonessCHA282017T29-0.6087-702nd
SSE Scottish Hydro Challenge hosted by Macdonald Hotels & ResortsCHA262017T18-0.587-678th
Made in Denmark Challenge - presented by Ejner HesselCHA252017T60-0.5761-665th
Hauts de France Golf OpenCHA242017T101.500.56520.85642nd
KPMG TrophyCHA232017T38-0.5543-708th
D+D REAL Czech ChallengeCHA212017MC-0.5326-675th
Andalucía Costa del Sol Match Play 9CHA202017MC-0.5217-658th
Open de Portugal at Morgado Golf ResortCHA,EUR192017MC-0.5109-642nd
Turkish Airlines ChallengeCHA162017T81.800.47830.86623rd
Barclays Kenya OpenCHA122017MC-0.4348-689th
PGA Catalunya Resort ChampionshipNGL82017T22-0.3913-684th
Mediter Real Estate MastersNGL72017T28-0.3804-682nd
Ras Al KhaimahCHA442016T19-0.2174-676th
Foshan OpenCHA432016MC-0.2065-677th
Hainan OpenCHA422016T101.470.19570.29673rd
Terre dei Consoli OpenCHA412016T42-0.1848-744th
Kazakhstan OpenCHA40201663-0.1739-744th
Thisted Forsikring ChampionshipNGL392016WD-0.163-741st
Volopa Irish Challenge hosted by Mount Wolseley Hotel Spa and Golf ResortCHA372016T42.760.14130.39739th
Cordon Golf OpenCHA362016T41-0.1304-922nd
Bridgestone ChallengeCHA35201634.800.11960.57919th
Vierumäki Finnish ChallengeCHA332016MC-0.0978-1835th
Swedish Challenge hosted by Robert KarlssonCHA322016MC-0.087-1841st
Fred Olsen Challenge de EspañaCHA292016T44-0.0543-1841st
Kristianstad Åhus OpenNGL282016T10-0.0435-1838th
Made in Denmark Challenge – Presented by Ejner HesselCHA272016T43-0.0326-1836th
Borre OpenNGL262016T9-0.0217-1830th
NorthSide Charity ChallengeNGL252016T34-0.0109-1812nd


No Event Tour Year Finish Points Won Rank After
1Bridgestone ChallengeCHA201634.80919th
2Volopa Irish Challenge hosted by Mount Wolseley Hotel Spa and Golf ResortCHA2016T42.76739th
3Swedish Challenge hosted by Robert KarlssonCHA2017T72.04646th
4Turkish Airlines ChallengeCHA2017T81.80623rd
5Hauts de France Golf OpenCHA2017T101.50642nd
6Hainan OpenCHA2016T101.47673rd
7Cordon Golf OpenCHA2017T111.38628th
8Hauts de France Golf OpenCHA2018MC-1031st
9Swiss Challenge presented by Association Suisse de GolfCHA2018MC-985th
10D+D REAL Czech ChallengeCHA2018T62-948th
11Andalucia - Costa de Sol Match Play 9CHA2018T27-927th
1256º Open de Portugal @ Morgado Golf ResortCHA2018MC-912nd
13Challenge de EspañaCHA2018MC-891st
14Turkish Airlines ChallengeCHA2018MC-876th
15Belt & Road Colorful Yunnan OpenCHA,CHN2018MC-833rd
16Barclays Kenya OpenCHA2018T58-807th
17PGA Catalunya Resort ChampionshipNGL2018T21-795th
18Mediter Real Estate MastersNGL2018T7-781st
19Ras Al Khaimah, 2017 Golf ChallengeCHA2017MC-701st
20The Foshan OpenCHA2017T33-683rd