Christiaan Bezuidenhout World Number 595
  • POINTS AVERAGE: 0.2590
  • TOTAL POINTS: 13.47
  • DIVISOR: 52

Christiaan Bezuidenhout

World Number 595
Event Tour Week Year Finish Rank Points Weight Adj. Points Rank After
NBO Oman OpenEUR72018T44-1-595th
ISPS Handa World Super 6 PerthANZ,ASA,EUR62018MC-1-586th
BMW SA Open hosted by the City of EkurhuleniAFR,EUR22018T63-1-568th
Joburg OpenAFR,ASA,EUR492017T30-1-527th
AfrAsia Bank Mauritius OpenAFR,ASA,EUR482017MC-1-515th
Vodacom Origins of Golf FinalAFR442017MC-0.9674-488th
Alfred Dunhill Links ChampionshipEUR402017T361.230.92391.14455th
Vodacom Origins of Golf - St Francis LinksAFR382017MC-0.9022-448th
Sun Boardwalk ChallengeAFR37201722.400.89132.14438th
Sun Fish River ChallengeAFR362017T7-0.8804-464th
Vodacom Origins - ZimbaliAFR352017MC-0.8696-445th
Viking ChallengeCHA332017MC-0.8478-421st
Galgorm Resort & Spa Northern Ireland Open presented by Modest! GolfCHA322017MC-0.837-397th
Le Vaudreuil Golf ChallengeCHA292017MC-0.8043-371st
Italian Challenge Open by LyonessCHA282017T35-0.7935-358th
Prague Golf ChallengeCHA272017T33-0.7826-339th
SSE Scottish Hydro Challenge hosted by Macdonald Hotels & ResortsCHA262017MC-0.7717-318th
Made in Denmark Challenge - presented by Ejner HesselCHA252017T56-0.7609-313rd
KPMG TrophyCHA232017T111.440.73911.06294th
D+D REAL Czech ChallengeCHA212017MC-0.7174-291st
Andalucía Costa del Sol Match Play 9CHA202017MC-0.7065-281st
Open de Portugal at Morgado Golf ResortCHA,EUR192017MC-0.6957-268th
Investec Royal Swazi OpenAFR182017T82.100.68481.44265th
Zambia Sugar OpenAFR172017T36-0.6739-281st
Zimbabwe OpenAFR162017T91.960.6631.3277th
Tshwane OpenAFR,EUR92017T56-0.587-274th
Joburg OpenAFR,EUR82017MC-0.5761-274th
Dimension Data Pro-AmAFR72017T52.890.56521.63270th
Eye of Africa PGA ChampionshipAFR62017T52.890.55431.6302nd
BMW SA Open hosted by City of EkurhuleniAFR,EUR22017T37-0.5109-326th
Alfred Dunhill ChampionshipAFR,EUR492016T56-0.4565-327th
Lion of Africa Cape Town Open presented by Sun InternationalAFR482016T27-0.4457-321st
Vodacom Origins of Golf FinalAFR45201622.400.4130.99304th
Sun Sibaya ChallengeAFR442016T15-0.4022-335th
Vodacom Origins - EuphoriaAFR432016T21-0.3913-328th
Sun Fish River ChallengeAFR42201614.000.38041.52321st
Alfred Dunhill Links ChampionshipEUR412016MC-0.3696-381st
Vodacom Origins of Golf - SishenAFR372016T17-0.3261-350th
Sun Wild Coast Sun ChallengeAFR352016MC-0.3043-340th
Vodacom Origins of Golf - ArabellaAFR342016T10-0.2935-336th
Vierumäki Finnish ChallengeCHA332016MC-0.2826-336th
Sun City ChallengeAFR322016MC-0.2717-329th
Vodacom Origins of Golf Tour - Wild Coast Sun AFR312016T41.200.26090.31330th
Najeti OpenCHA252016T65-0.1957-312nd
KPMG TrophyCHA242016MC-0.1848-310th
Montecchia Open by LyonessCHA202016MC-0.1413-295th
Trophée Hassan IIEUR192016T34-0.1304-293rd
Red Sea Egyptian Challenge Presented by Hassan Allam PropertiesCHA172016MC-0.1087-287th
Golden Pilsener Zimbabwe OpenAFR162016T101.820.09780.18281st
The Barclays Kenya OpenCHA122016T42.760.05430.15285th
Eye of Africa PGA ChampionshipAFR92016MC-0.0217-333rd
Dimension Data Pro-AmAFR8201655-0.0109-329th


No Event Tour Year Finish Points Won Rank After
1The BMW SA Open hosted by City of EkurhuleniAFR,EUR2016219.20334th
2Sun Fish River ChallengeAFR201614.00321st
3Dimension Data Pro-AmAFR2017T52.89270th
4Eye of Africa PGA ChampionshipAFR2017T52.89302nd
5The Barclays Kenya OpenCHA2016T42.76285th
6Sun Boardwalk ChallengeAFR201722.40438th
7Vodacom Origins of Golf FinalAFR201622.40304th
8Investec Royal Swazi OpenAFR2017T82.10265th
9Zimbabwe OpenAFR2017T91.96277th
10Golden Pilsener Zimbabwe OpenAFR2016T101.82281st
11Alfred Dunhill Links ChampionshipEUR2015T331.761265th
12KPMG TrophyCHA2017T111.44294th
13Alfred Dunhill Links ChampionshipEUR2017T361.23455th
14Vodacom Origins of Golf Tour - Wild Coast Sun AFR2016T41.20330th
15NBO Oman OpenEUR2018T44-595th
16ISPS Handa World Super 6 PerthANZ,ASA,EUR2018MC-586th
17BMW SA Open hosted by the City of EkurhuleniAFR,EUR2018T63-568th
18Joburg OpenAFR,ASA,EUR2017T30-527th
19AfrAsia Bank Mauritius OpenAFR,ASA,EUR2017MC-515th
20Vodacom Origins of Golf FinalAFR2017MC-488th