Hyowon Park World Number 258
  • POINTS AVERAGE: 0.7043
  • TOTAL POINTS: 28.88
  • DIVISOR: 41

Hyowon Park

World Number 258
Event Tour Week Year Finish Rank Points Weight Adj. Points Rank After
South African OpenAFR,EUR492018MC-1-258th
Afrasia Bank Mauritius Open at AnahitaAFR,ASA,EUR482018T39-1-254th
Honma Hong Kong Open presented by AmundiASA,EUR472018T201.6811.68243rd
Golfzon · DYB Education Tour ChampionshipKOR452018T38-1-270th
A+ Life Hyodam Jeju Open with MTNKOR44201819.0019270th
Hyundai Insurance KJ Choi InvitationalKOR432018T23.4713.47381st
Huons Celebrity Pro-AmKOR382018T27-1-465th
The 34th Shinhan Donghae OpenASA,KOR372018T111.5011.5455th
DGB Financial Group Daegu Gyeongbuk OpenKOR352018T24.500.97834.4485th
DONG-A Membership Exchange Group Busan OpenKOR332018T42.220.95652.12635th
NS HomeShopping Gunsan CC Jeonbuk OpenKOR272018T20-0.8913-697th
The 61st KPGA Championship with A-ONE CCKOR262018T51.760.88041.55688th
Kolon Korea Open Golf ChampionshipASA,KOR252018T45-0.8696-749th
KEB Hana Bank InvitationalKOR242018MC-0.8587-732nd
Descente Korea Munsingwear MatchplayKOR23201833-0.8478-731st
KB Finance LIIV ChampionshipKOR222018MC-0.837-717th
Genesis ChampionshipKOR212018MC-0.8261-713rd
SK Telecom OpenKOR202018MC-0.8152-705th
The 37th GS Caltex Maekyung Open Golf ChampionshipASA,KOR18201879-0.7935-682nd
The 14th Dongbu Insurance Promy OpenKOR16201825.400.77174.17666th
Bo Ao OpenCHN132018T20-0.7391-1054th
Shenzhou Peninsula ClassicCHN102018MC-0.7065-1020th
Caido Series 2017 Tour Championship with Sol Moro CCKOR442017T25-0.5109-889th
Hyundai Insurance KJ CHOI INVITATIONALKOR432017T40-0.5-871st
Caido Series 2017 - Jeju Open with Hwaeng GroupKOR392017MC-0.4565-828th
Genesis ChampionshipKOR382017T31-0.4457-816th
Shinhan Donghae OpenASA,KOR372017T23-0.4348-813rd
T-up GSwing Mega Open presented by Dreampark CCKOR36201773-0.4239-801st
DGB Financial Group Daegu Gyeongbuk OpenKOR35201715-0.413-789th
Caido Series 2017 Donga Membership Group Dynamic Busan OpenKOR34201726-0.4022-776th
Caido Series 2017 - Jinju Savings Bank Caido Male Open with Black CatsKOR282017T52-0.337-703rd
Caido Series 2017 - NS HomeShopping Gunsan CC Jeonbuk OpenKOR262017MC-0.3152-687th
The 60th KPGA Championship with A-ONE CCKOR252017T61-0.3043-679th
Caido Series 2017 Caido Golden V1 OpenKOR242017MC-0.2935-665th
Descente Korea Munsingwear MatchplayKOR232017T17-0.2826-651st
60th Kolon Korea OpenKOR,ONE222017T49-0.2717-643rd
Caido Series 2017 Caido DREAM OPENKOR212017MC-0.2609-631st
SK telecom OpenKOR202017T28-0.25-622nd
The 36th GS Caltax Maekyung OpenKOR,ONE182017T32.820.22830.64613rd
Cadio Series 2017 - Eugene Group/All for You Jeonnam OpenKOR172017MC-0.2174-762nd
The 13th Dongbu Insurance Promy OpenKOR162017T61.710.20650.35739th


No Event Tour Year Finish Points Won Rank After
1A+ Life Hyodam Jeju Open with MTNKOR201819.00270th
2The 14th Dongbu Insurance Promy OpenKOR201825.40666th
3DGB Financial Group Daegu Gyeongbuk OpenKOR2018T24.50485th
4The 11th Dongbu Insurance Promi OpenKOR201524.20660th
5The 58th KPGA ChampionshipKOR2015T23.50547th
6Hyundai Insurance KJ Choi InvitationalKOR2018T23.47381st
7The 36th GS Caltax Maekyung OpenKOR,ONE2017T32.82613rd
8The 12th Dongbu Insurance Promi OpenKOR2016T42.43596th
9DONG-A Membership Exchange Group Busan OpenKOR2018T42.22635th
10Nefs Heritage 2015KOR2015T41.89602nd
11Dongbu Promi OpenKOR2014T31.881036th
12Fiji InternationalANZ,ONE201491.80836th
13The 61st KPGA Championship with A-ONE CCKOR2018T51.76688th
14The 13th Dongbu Insurance Promy OpenKOR2017T61.71739th
15Honma Hong Kong Open presented by AmundiASA,EUR2018T201.68243rd
16Maeil Dairies Open 2016KOR2016T71.53573rd
17The 34th Shinhan Donghae OpenASA,KOR2018T111.50455th
18Nefs Heritage 2016KOR2016T101.21547th
19Nanjing OpenCTPTC2016T61.20540th
20Descente Korea Munsingwear Matchplay ChampionshipKOR2014T91.20939th